Cover of "Bad Boy"

Cover of Bad Boy

Women always seem to choose the bad boy over the good boy. It is a strange phenomenon that nice guys have tried for figure out for centuries. There is a simple explanation for it, but, it is not an explanation most people want to hear. Nice guys can believe all they want that women fall for bad boys because they like to be mistreated. That could not be further from the truth.

Why Women Date Bad Boys

Fun and Excitement- Bad boys represent fun and excitement. That is something everyone can use in their lives. Bad boys get the girls because they are able to spark that part of a woman that loves the fun thrill of living on the edge. It can sometimes be a dangerous road, but, it is one that many women simply cannot resist. This is especially true for younger women who still see through the eyes of someone who is ready to conquer the world. Fun and excitement are hard to beat.

Passion- Bad boys are passionate about what they do. There is something in his eyes that speaks passion to a good girl who is looking for someone who can love her with all his might. He is someone that she perceives will fight for her and will protect her from the world. The relationship itself might be a mess, but, she sees it as passion and it often wins out over everything else.

Odd Sense of Safety- It may seem odd, but, the truth is, girls like the bad boys because bad boys make them feel safe. She wants someone who will make her feel as though nothing can touch her when she is in his arms. The guy is generally someone who is physically strong as well one who easily becomes emotionally attached to her. Although he represents danger, she sees him as dangerous only to the outside world. She wants a strong man to take her by the hand and convince her that together they can conquer the world.

Women do not want to be the Boss – It is a myth that women want to lord over the men in their lives. Women want someone who can make decisions without self-doubt. She wants a man who will not let her run all over him simply because he wants to be with her. She wants a partner, not a wimp. She wants a guy who knows how to flirt and is still masculine. That is one of the biggest mistakes that good guys make. He thinks that he must give her everything she ever wanted and sometimes more. It is nice to have a guy like that, but, there is a limit and it eventually turns into a boring relationship.

Women can love good guys. The sad thing is that good guys do not offer enough of the excitement and fun that the girl is looking for. To become both a good guy and the type of guy that women find attractive, you need to check out this site. Instead of walking on eggshells, the good guy might consider walking on the edgy side for a while. That does not mean that he has to be mean and nasty. It just means to consider something new. Take her for a ride on a motorcycle. Grab her hand and stand in the middle of the yard in a lightning storm. When she wants something that is not good for her or for the relationship, put your foot down about it. Put some passion in the romance.

Recently I became single again and decided I wanted to prepare myself for the world of dating. I didn’t have a clue where to start, but I kept seeing these ads for some weird 3 questions, get the girl type program. Turns out it is actually called Pandoras Box, by some dude named Vin DiCarlo.

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Long story short, I love this and highly recommend you check it out yourself.

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